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One of the most important elements of business success for a corporation or private asset holding is to effectively and timely implement an appropriate ownership and management structure.


Legislative, financial and environmental changes in the world require detailed attention of owners to the existing holding design of business. Failure to oversee such changes and optimize corporate and management structure may cause significant long-term risks not only for the business itself, but also for the wealth of the owners.

Our expertise and services we offer:


  • Constructing flexible structure of vertical and diverse holdings: developing effective corporate, tax, finance and management structures and policies, drafting internal management regulations and audit of ROA schemes;

  • Setting anti-acquisition corporate strategies and holding defense instruments against vertical, horizontal and conglomerated acquisitions: staggered board of directors, share warrants and options, super majority agreements and other instruments;

  • Cross-border multi-jurisdiction group restructuring;

  • Complex business spin-off and other types of reorganization;

  • Corporatization: preparing set of corporate legislation acts and management supervisory procedures;

  • Creation of ownership strategy, assisting with establishment of trust entities in various jurisdictions and succession planning.



Legal Strategy Club provides professional and confidential legal support to our HNW Clients regarding all and any legal aspects of luxury assets owning, starting from the very market review and purchase, providing permanent assistance with legal issues of technical maintanance, financing and tax effeciency.