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 Our Law Firm provides complex services related to support of international trade.   We offer following services for international and local trade companies, seeking to expand their activities:

  • Advising on multi-industrial regulations applicable for business entering Russian market;

  • Supporting trade companies with establishing their trade subsidiaries in Russian and CIS;

  • Shaping legal aspects of distribution, drafting and negotiating distribution agreements; 

  • Development and review of commercial contracts, including distribution, sale and purchase, agency, works, services, supply and other;

  • Development and review of complex foreign trade contracts under Incoterms rules of ICT;

  • Advising on requirements and restrictions regarding import and circulation of certain goods under Russian and CIS regulations;

  • Advising on compliance of advertising and marketing materials and events with applicable legislation requirements;

  • Advising on compliance of product labelling and packaging;

  • Providing for registration of trademarks and other intellectual property in the customs register of intellectual property objects;

  • Pre-judicial settlement of disputes with counterparties and of consumer claims.

Sanctions advisory:

Our team has a unique experience in advising clients on public policy decisions and international sanctions affecting international business relations and trade. Understanding the sanctions' specifics, jurisdictional scope and practical impact, including such aspects as effect of asset freezing, property seizure, frustration and termination issues, is crucial for counterparties of international agreements. 

We provide advisory in respect of UN, EU, UK, Russian and US regimes involving, amongst others, the sanctions imposed in relation to Iran, Syria, Libya, Russia/Ukraine.