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ITO / ICO Advisory

Advisory on ITO / ICO and e-commerce projects

We provide legal support and advisory for projects related to innitial tocken offering iand online/e-commerce business in Russia and other jurisdictions. 

Main legal services related to ITO/ICO incude:

  • Advisory on selecting the optimal jurisdiction for ITO/ICO;

  • Advisory on tax and currency law regulations related to execution of ITO/ICO;

  • Legal structuring of the ITO/ICO transactions;

  • Preparing legally binding documents (user agreements, public offers, escrow agreements) and advisory on legal aspects related to convertation of cryptocurrancy to fiat.

Legal services in support of e-commerce projects:

  • Legal structuring of e-commerce business;

  • Development of binding documents, advisory on currency and anti-money laundering laws;

  • Advisory in applicable data protection regulations and intellectual property issues.


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